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There's angle parking and then there's "Creative Angle Parking."

In the streets, most of the snow was fluff. Here and there were some wind-packed drifts, but if you took straight aim and hit them with a good head of steam you could bust through without bogging down.

We saw trouble at intersections. That is, we were witnesses to trouble others were having at intersections. If a plow had gone through on a cross street, naturally the blade threw up a wall of snow heap big deep across your whole line of travel. To get through you had to hit the wall with a fair amount of momentum to carry you over in one shot. This is where guys in regular cars were being introduced to the word "stuck." Just about every intersection had at least one guy hung up and shoveling or hung up and trying to rock his way backward or forward. Some were even digging with their hands.

It was bad there, but even worse at stop signs. There you had to actually stop and look both ways instead of taking a deep breath and a flying leap and...

From: A Bus Will Take You There, 241 pages. Drive alive.

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